Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the origin of species

No, not Darwin. I found this link in an old word document. I created it before I set up my MySpace account as the narcoleptic sentinel. Guess I forgot about it. I see from the first (of a grand total of two...) that I did this blogger one just before my second kid was born three months prematurely. Things got a tad busy as you might imagine, which explains why I never got back to it. I love the comments -- all spam!

So in the event anyone is actually reading this, let me know what you think about the writing challenge. I need a challenge or I can't ever seem to write. It's fucked up but that's the way I am. I hate pressure but I need it to write, or to do much of anything at all. It's the only way I've ever gotten anything accomplished. Pressure. Grr. But hey, whaddya.


Pina said...

Write. You MUST write. In fact, you need to try to write EVERY day, even if it's just a toss off, it'll get you bavck in the habit.
I'm glad you're doing this.
2 things GET RID OF THE CAPTCHAS and add a followers widget thingy.

Cynthia said...

Half boy half monkey you say? I'm intrigued.

Oh I remember Narcoleptic S. He was a jaunty one.