Saturday, December 5, 2009


Ever save your favorite part of dinner for last but then be too full to eat and/or enjoy it?

Ever have a great idea for a story but fail to write it down thinking there's NO WAY I'm gonna forget THIS one, but then later you forget?

Ever hold your tongue when someone was behaving like an asshole, but then decide to say something because you'd be angrier later if you didn't say anything, but then the person was not only unapologetic but gleefully belligerent about their part in it, and then you felt even worse because you had no further options except walking away or doing something stupid?

Ever yearn for someone with an ache so deep and awful that you felt like there was maybe something wrong with you, something medically wrong, psychologically wrong, something just seriously not right with you? And then you ignored every shrieking flashing red light proximity alert warning your body mind and soul were blasting you with to get the fuck away from this person as fast and as far as you possibly can? And then spent the rest of your life feeling like some doomed character in a Greek tragedy who sees with blinding hindsight, too late, that he'd stepped in the one unforgivable but inevitable shitpile of hubris, and now you were to pay and pay and pay until you died and the crows ate your useless eyeballs in the merciless morning heat?

Yeah me neither.